Text 18 Mar Pain

Sprints are my enemy.

I’m gonna feel this tomorrow

Text 21 Mar Reaching

I almost had it.
Was on the way to feeling it..
Nearly felt I was being it…
But to day I’m back on the ground.

Feeling low
Right back were I started
Right back in that void

Why do I feel so empty when my life is so full…

One day ill overcome. One day I will rule.

Photo 30 Jan Brave


Text 9 Jan plundge

i’m impressed by your persistence and your ability to change

your not fazed by the resistance and the constant push away

you brought your shovel and a tulip to the battle by the wall

fist up heart down i’m swinging in the cold.. is the loser the one to fall?

your huge heart lowers my fist, your kindness lifts my soul

ive dance the dance too many times to know where this may go

one day at a time <3

Text 12 Dec 36 notes spikey ball of love…


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Video 20 Oct

dont let go…

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Photo 20 Oct 44,159 notes the goodlife&#8230;

the goodlife…

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Text 20 Oct

Love is an unfair game of the heart and i just feel like mine is bruised, broken and still not over the past…

Text 6 Oct dont want to be growns…

decisions plague my thoughts

not ready for anything….   especially not love                                                                     your everything i would look for, probably everything i need, but this lost soul is still trying to find herself

hid and seek with destiny….i make my own

but i’m not ready… if i hide, will it find me?                                                                     When did your face turn cold and why so serious

with no regrets, im stuck lost in my thoughts..

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